We do fun, we do action, we do great teams.

Savvy is a sales, marketing and promotional company, specialising in the human commercial. We are experts in business-to-business promotions, residential promotions, in-store/street promotions and event promotions, and work for clients throughout New Zealand.

Savvy is dedicated to the advancement of our clients business. We have an unbelievable track record when it comes to raising funds: in the last 4 years alone our ‘Savvies’ have raised $64 million on behalf of our clients, so it won’t surprise you when we say that we can DOUBLE a company’s client-base within a few short weeks.

As our company is rapidly expanding, we’re always looking for people who can bring flair, passion, determination and – above all – a vibrant personality to our mob. We talk to people on a face-to-face basis, so if you like socialising, do so with us for a living. If you like talking to people, that’s what we do. If you like having fun, that’s us. If you like working in a team environment you’ll fit right in.